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The Top 5 Golfing Legends of All Time

The 20th century saw golf rise to become one of the biggest and popular sports globally. With this popularity both in America and around the world, golf has brought smiles to families and fortunes to many. Today, golf stands as one of the most prestigious sports in the world.

However, one of the things that is often overlooked is the fact that today’s golf players owe a lot to those who came before them and paved the way for the youngsters of today. In case you have no idea who these legends are, below are the 5 most influential golfers of all time. I put this all together while trying to find a painter in Bucks County.

Jack Nicklaus

Nicknamed the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus is simply the greatest golfer in the history of the sport. He racked up 73 victories during his career which included 8 major championships. He won the Masters 6 times with his first and last victories spaced between an incredible 23 years. The golfing tournament Nicklaus won the list number of times is the Open Championship where he lifted the trophy 3 times.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan is a golfer who had incredible talent and to whom success was just a byproduct of discipline. In the golfing world, Hogan is perceived to be the player who had the most perfect golf swing in the sport’s history. He practiced and prepared for his tournaments and this included working on swing mechanics making him earn the spot of being the greatest striker of a golf ball in history. In 1953, Hogan completed what is now fondly referred to as the Hogan Slam. That year, he won a total of 5 out of the 6 tournaments he entered, 3 of which were major championships.

Walter Hagen

In the first half of the 20th century, the golfing world celebrated many successes of Walter Hagen. He won a total of 11 major championships in his career. He was a native of New York State and he became somewhat a national hero when he brought home the British Open Championship, the first American to do so. At the age of 20, he came closer to winning a career grand slam only missing out on the Masters title.

Gary Player

He is a Southern African golfer nicknamed the Black Knight mainly because his signature wears were all black. Gary can comfortably be ranked the most successful non-American golfer in history. He competed with the big names such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. He finished his career winning 9 major trophies which included 3 Open Championships and 3 Masters. He also goes into the annals of history as the only non-American to complete the career grand slam.

Sam Snead

Snead had a long and illustrious career winning 7 majors and etching his name into history as the golf player with the most PGA victories. Interestingly, Snead also served in World War II. In the course of his career, he won 3 PGA Championships, 3 Masters Tournaments, the Open Championship, and finished in the runner’s up position 4 times for the US Open.





Top 5 Golf Tournaments You Must Watch

The PGA Tour is one of the closely followed circuit of tournaments because of the stars it brings together from all corners of the golfing world. Inasmuch as this tour is the top ranked globally, there are other tournaments which have a flavor of their own because of their history, the great champions they attract, and the exceptional individual moments. Below are five of these tournaments that you ought to watch or attend. Unfortunately this weekend was crazy because we were moving but this moving company and philadelphia piano mover made it much easier.

The Masters

The course, the history, the azaleas, and the pimento sandwiches are just part of the reasons why The Masters deserve the number one slot. The greens complexes that characterize the golf course are second to none. The steepness from the tenth tee to the tenth green is simply exhilarating.

AT & T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

The combination of Spyglass Hill, Pebble Beach and the Monterey Peninsula makes the experience of golfers here picturesque. In this tournament, the short par 3 seventh hole happens to be one of the most photographed in the entire world. Bending around the Carmel Bay, the eighteenth hole is an exceptional par 5 that creates a great finisher. Despite Spyglass Hill being an inland course, it has its own unique challenges. Thanks to AT & T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, the Monterey Peninsula course, which was largely unknown, has become very popular.

US Open

The US Open is a must-attend event irrespective of where it is being held. Among the locations where this tournament is held include Bethpage, Pinehurst, Merion, Oakmont, Pebble Beach, Shinnecock, and Winged Foot. It is without a doubt one of the most complete test in the golfing world. If you have wanted to see top players in the world battling it out, the Open is the place to see all this. The conditions are relatively difficult in this tournament and that is why most pundits believe that careers are made here.

British Open

There is arguably nothing as better as watching golf on the most interesting and historical courses in the world. The British Open has its own share of unpredictability and ferocious weather ever seen on golf courses. As the players walk on the fairways of Muirfield, St. Andrews, Turnberry, and Carnoustie, you can almost feel the sense of determination in them not only to complete the tournament, but also win.

The Players Championship

The Stadium Course at the TPC Sawgrass is home to the iconic Island Green seventeenth hole. This course which is a tribute to Pete Dye is truly innovative in design, challenging in play, and picturesque in appearance. As a spectator, you get some of the most beautiful views you have ever seen in golf. Getting out on one of the mounds will give you the opportunity to watch some of the best players globally executing their tees.

Golfing is growing in terms of fan base and you cannot afford to be left behind. If you didn’t know where to start the above tournaments can give you a great start.

Picking the Right Putter for an Enhanced Golfing Experience

Buying a new putter can significantly enhance your putting experience. That being said, there are lots of putters in golf shops and many golfers especially beginners tend to be confused on the best approach to take when choosing a new putter. Some of them end up purchasing putters which in the long run disappoint them because they simply lack what it takes to improve their putting. If you are one such frustrated golfer, look no further because below is a comprehensive guide to help you avoid the common mistakes most people make when buying putters.

The Putter Length

A majority of putters range between 33 and 36 inches in length. When trying out a new putter, one of the critical things to bear in mind is the sole of the clubhead. This must rest flat on the ground. Choosing a putter that is too long would mean that you have to stand very far from the golf ball and the toe of the putter may sit off the ground. On the other hand, choosing a short putter will force you to stand too close to the golf ball thus making the heel of the putter to sit off the ground. The key here is to find a putter that perfectly matches your posture and stance.

Putter Weight

The golfing industry has no standard weight for putters. This is why you will find some that are heavier than others. Also, some putters may be head heavy while others have their weight distributed evenly throughout the putter. When considering putter weight, you need to factor in two things; where you play and how the putter feels to you. If you play on fast greens, a lighter putter maybe appropriate for you compared to a heavier one. Individual preferences also come into play when choosing putter weight. If you prefer a putter that is lighter or if a heavier one goes well with you, you may want to follow your heart.

Putter Look

The shape, style, size, and the sweep are the four most important attributes of a putter. If for some reason the putter doesn’t sweep you off your feet, just leave it because buying it will not help you in any way. Look for a putter that appeals to you. The shape of the putter will not only give you the impetus while playing, but also the appeal which is a critical component in golf. If you want to feel great and get that psychological boost, then go for the look that moves you.

While many golfers have gone from one putter to another in an attempt to find one that suits them, you don’t have to go that way because looking at the above factors and carefully considering them should give you an idea of what to look for. Also consider the putter grip because this too affects your play.


Basic Hockey Goalie Equipment for Beginners

In hockey, playing and winning is all about team work. The level of skill and experience are critical in determining the quality of performance on the pitch. In addition to all this, having the right equipment including sticks, helmets, chest pads, and leg pads can give you an upper hand while playing and protect you from injuries that are part of the game. The goalie is one person whose safety is critical. This is because with hard rubber pucks coming his way, there is need to suit up with the right and proper fitting equipment. Below are some of the basics goaltenders need to factor in before heading to the rink.

Leg Pads

Goalie pads consist of two main types of clips which are metal and plastic. The plastic clips are much easier to open and close and are recommended for relatively younger players. Metal clips on the other hand tend to last longer, but are also slightly difficult to manipulate. One other component of leg pads that you need to closely determine is the size. Basically, goalie leg pads come in different sizes which range between 26 and 34 inches. In order to determine the right size for your leg pad, you should measure your leg from the top of your knee cap to your ankle. Thereafter, take another measurement from the middle of your knee cap to midway up your thigh. Adding these two measurements gives you the right leg pad size.

Chest Pads

This is mainly for protection of your chest and heart area. Chest pads are mostly made of nylon which is wrapped around layers of harder padding or foam. Most chest protectors include bicep muscle floaters, a clavicle protector, foam or air-cushioned pad chest protector, and extended shoulder caps. The chest protectors also protect your back through a spine protector.

Goalie Gloves

There are two main types of gloves used by goalies in hockey; blocker and catcher. The catcher gloves are worn on the non-stick hand and comprise an oversize catching area, a pre-curved palm, a molded one-piece thumb area, and finger areas. The blocker gloves on the other hand are worn on the hand that holds the stick and consist of synthetic or padded leather palm, and a wide blocker for deflecting shots. In size, gloves range from 9 inches all the way to 16 inches. In order to get the right size for your gloves; measure the distance from your fingertips to the end of your elbow pads.


Hockey helmets are made of a durable hard-shell plastic which is similar to that of a bicycle helmet. In addition, lots of helmets come with adjustable padding to give you a comfortable fit. Sizing of helmets is not difficult because most manufacturers indicate their own sizing metrics on the helmet and also you can adjust so that it doesn’t wiggle.

in addition to the above, you should also consider buying an appropriate goalie stick.

Shin Guard – The Protective Device for Safe Play

Shin guards are designed with the primary purpose of protecting your shins from the hacks and slashes that characterize the game of hockey. They can also protect your knees in the event you fall while playing. Inasmuch as beginners tend to shy away from shin guards, they are recommended and where possible, you should go for mid to high-end models that also protect your calves.

Shin Guard Materials

All shin guards come with a plastic outer shell as well as a foam liner. The plastic shell has a joint under the knee that gives you flexibility and better fitness. Depending on your budget, there are cheap and expensive shin guards. The cheapest of them comes with a fairly thin shell and liner which is not as protective as the high-end models. The more the price increases, the higher the quality. The shell becomes thicker and the degree of padding increases.

High-end pads use different types of foam so as to supplement the usual ones. Some of the common foams include Poron XRD, Armor foam, and U foam. The advantage with these types of foam is that they give you high levels of protection and are not that heavy.

Shin Pad Sizing

Shin guards are measured in inches which capture the distance between the bottom of the shin shell and the middle of the plastic knee shell. In the event you are measuring yourself so that you can find the shin pad size that fits you well, simply measure your leg starting from the middle of your knee bone all the way to the top of the ankle bone. The measurement you get should help you find the appropriate shin guard size.

Preferences for Shin Guards

There are few different preferences when buying shin guards. Some prefer a tight fit while others want a loose fit. There is also preference in the way you wear them and how you tape them.

Tight or Loose

If you feel your current shin guards are a bit loose and you want a tight fit, a shin pad tape which is also referred to as a sock tape can help you secure your shin pads. These tapes come in a variety of colors and they have a slightly elastic or plastic feel.

Tuck or Flop

There are two ways you can wear your shin guards. You may tuck your shin pad underneath the tongue of your skate or simply put it over top. When you put it over, you tend to have a slightly longer shin guard which means added protective coverage.

With proper care, shin guards can last for over 5 years even if they are put into heavy use. If you spend most of the time in front of the net, finding shin pads with a good calf wrap can save you from the pain and bruises when you are hit on your calf. Some of the top brands to look out for include Reebok, CCM, Easton, Warrior, and Bauer.