Picking the Right Putter for an Enhanced Golfing Experience

Buying a new putter can significantly enhance your putting experience. That being said, there are lots of putters in golf shops and many golfers especially beginners tend to be confused on the best approach to take when choosing a new putter. Some of them end up purchasing putters which in the long run disappoint them because they simply lack what it takes to improve their putting. If you are one such frustrated golfer, look no further because below is a comprehensive guide to help you avoid the common mistakes most people make when buying putters.

The Putter Length

A majority of putters range between 33 and 36 inches in length. When trying out a new putter, one of the critical things to bear in mind is the sole of the clubhead. This must rest flat on the ground. Choosing a putter that is too long would mean that you have to stand very far from the golf ball and the toe of the putter may sit off the ground. On the other hand, choosing a short putter will force you to stand too close to the golf ball thus making the heel of the putter to sit off the ground. The key here is to find a putter that perfectly matches your posture and stance.

Putter Weight

The golfing industry has no standard weight for putters. This is why you will find some that are heavier than others. Also, some putters may be head heavy while others have their weight distributed evenly throughout the putter. When considering putter weight, you need to factor in two things; where you play and how the putter feels to you. If you play on fast greens, a lighter putter maybe appropriate for you compared to a heavier one. Individual preferences also come into play when choosing putter weight. If you prefer a putter that is lighter or if a heavier one goes well with you, you may want to follow your heart.

Putter Look

The shape, style, size, and the sweep are the four most important attributes of a putter. If for some reason the putter doesn’t sweep you off your feet, just leave it because buying it will not help you in any way. Look for a putter that appeals to you. The shape of the putter will not only give you the impetus while playing, but also the appeal which is a critical component in golf. If you want to feel great and get that psychological boost, then go for the look that moves you.

While many golfers have gone from one putter to another in an attempt to find one that suits them, you don’t have to go that way because looking at the above factors and carefully considering them should give you an idea of what to look for. Also consider the putter grip because this too affects your play.


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